Thursday, May 19, 2011

birthday party 'fancy' fun

Now-a-days, parents aren't settling for plastic table clothes and balloons! They are taking the decor & design of their child's birthday party to the next level! Personalized clothing for the birthday boy/girl, hiring photographers, handcrafted, etsy-style decor, extravagant food with its own decor, fun & festive entertainment, custom-made invitations, fancy cakes with lots of fondant (the one pictured above is from SweetCakes, LLC) and 'thank you' gifts for the guests that would wow any 5 year old...and parent! And, of course hiring professional event planners (yes, I am available!) that can assist with the hours and hours of planning that comes along with a party like this. Take a look at these personal favorites, mostly found on Feel free to comment on how you decorated for your child's birthday party and if you care to share.....your budget.....or over-budget! My son's 6th birthday party is July 16th......and I can't wait to share the "magical" day I am creating for him, the guests (and, let's be

Sunday, May 1, 2011